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Ultraleap out-of-home

Touch less. Do more.

Touchless technology moves interaction with kiosks and digital screens into the next dimension. No touch. All experience.

Ultraleap TouchFree bundle on a public touchscreen

Ultraleap TouchFree

Our end-to-end solution to turn any screen into a three-dimensional, interactive surface.

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Person using kiosk with touchless interaction

Retail & QSR

Enrich customer journeys through retail and restaurant environments with safe, memorable touchless experiences.

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Ultraleap out-of-home

Digital out-of-home

Transform and extend the reach of your brand’s interactive touchpoints.

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Lego Ninjago ride at Windsor

Museums & theme parks

Enhance visitor experiences by bridging the gap between physical and digital worlds.

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Ultraleap TouchFree solution

End-to-end solution for quick and easy development of touchless experiences

hand holding 3di product

Ultraleap 3Di camera

Patented stereo infrared camera designed for connection to public interactive screens

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Woman using TouchFree software on an interactive kiosk screen

TouchFree Application

Reliably track a wide variety of hand sizes and shapes and convert hand movements to an on-screen cursor.

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TouchFree interactive kiosk screen

TouchFree Tooling

Integrate touchless as a native feature into Web or Unity applications in minutes

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All you need to know about going touchless: hardware, software, developer tooling options, and design guidelines.

Skoda interactive digital out-of-home advertising screen with Ultraleap touchless technology

Case studies

How companies are using touchless technology to reshape connection, redefine interaction, and amplify brand engagement.

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hand holding 3di product

TouchFree quick start guide

How to install, configure and upgrade our TouchFree software – quickly and easily.

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Japanese group interacting with digital ooh screen

Touchless interfaces guidelines

Expert insight on camera placement, developing user experience, and educating new users.

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National Technology Awards

“This is one of those ideas everyone else wished they had had.”

Judges at the National Technology Awards on TouchFree winning Innovation of the Year

PepsiCo logo

“…the possibilities are endless for how we can use it to benefit our customers – and our restaurant partners.”

Mia Sorgi, Director of Digital Product and Experience, PepsiCo Europe

CEN Media Group

“Safety is always paramount, but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of the user experience.”

Kevin Romano, CEO and Founder of CEN Media Group

Lady interacting with a touchless interactive kiosk

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Find out how touchless technology can enhance what you do.

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