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Touchless technology shapes the next step in consumers’ in-store journey. Quick, safe, unique, memorable.

Immersion meets conversion

Interactive screens with Ultraleap hand tracking take retail and restaurant experiences to the next level. Differentiate and delight. Connect and convert.

Ultraleap TouchFree

hand holding 3di product

Our end-to-end solution for immersive, touchless interaction in-store.

Ultraleap 3Di camera

Patented stereo infrared cameras designed for connection to public interactive screens.

TouchFree Application

Reliably track a wide variety of hand sizes and shapes, and convert hand movements to an on-screen cursor.

TouchFree Tooling

Integrate touchless as a native feature into Web or Unity applications in minutes.

The power of touchless

TouchFree icon

Hi-tech meets hygienic

Make in-store interactions more immersive and higher-performing – with no compromise on customer safety.

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Lasting impressions

Boost brand awareness and enhance favourability – and see an uplift in in-store sales.

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Attention and awareness

Enhance brand experiences so consumers can feel, explore, and configure products – all in 3D.

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Make retail unforgettable

Redefine what’s possible in-store. Create brand interactions that consumers can’t experience anywhere else.

Retail, redefined

Open a new world of connecting with consumers across the retail environment.

Fast food ordering with a touchless screen at KFC

Next-level kiosks

Form meets function. From check-ins to checkouts, food ordering to wayfinding, touchless technology delivers hard-working interactions that are never hard work.


Surprise and delight

From activation and pop-ups, to brand experiences and branded environments, touchless is effortlessly immersive – and endlessly playful.

Intel interactive experience using looking glass and ultraleap hand tracking

Higher value product experiences

Take the high-end buying experience even higher. Explore, compare, and configure products in 3D, and deepen the experience even further with tactile interaction.

Tangible results

PepsiCo's pilot with KFC Poland proved touchless technology was viable in quick-service restaurants (QSR). And customers loved it!

40s icon

order completion for most users

had a positive experience

were extremely likely to use a touchless kiosk again


All you need to know about going touchless: hardware, software, developer tooling options, and design guidelines.

Case studies

How touchless has transformed brand interaction

Child interacting with Lego mid-air haptic experience

LEGO x Ocean Outdoor

LEGO used our technology to create an entirely new way to play, in its Rebuild The World campaign.

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Self checkout kiosk with touchless interface

UST Vision Checkout kiosk

UST integrated Ultraleap hand tracking to provide touchless interaction for their end-to-end self-checkout solution.

Read more
KFC with touchless technology food ordering kiosk

PepsiCo & KFC

PepsiCo worked with KFC to develop touchless kiosks for quick service restaurants using hand tracking.

Read more

Who we've worked with

We’re proud to have partnered with some truly incredible brands.

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Working with Ultraleap

From plug-and-play evaluation and easy prototyping through to detailed design guidelines and integration guidance, we support you every step of the way to market.

Ultraleap process diagram
OOH screen

Talk with our team

Find out how touchless technology can enhance retail experiences.

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